A few words from Leon, Rosinas Grandson who is currently living in London.

It breaks my heart that I am not here today and most of all in the weeks leading up to today, to say goodbye to one of the most special people in my life.

Grandma meant so much to me that its hard to sum up in words.

I have spent so much time with her over my lifetime that her not being in the world leaves a void. I love her so so much.

I was always paying visits to see her and now that I look back on it, she was always so happy to see me - greeting me with open arms. She was a very caring woman and her house was my second home.

As the family will remember - I was always trying to shock Grandma in any way I could. Stories of my youthful nights out, rude jokes, but she became resistant to shock. Once when I was around 10 years old I played her Kevin Bloody Wilson - a singer who swore a lot in his songs. I was waiting for an outburst from Grandma but instead all she said was 'that's nice dear'.

In memory of Grandma, I'm in London today (Friday night) playing my Soprano Saxophone - the one Grandma bought me when I was only 16. She was always so supportive, I can't thank her enough.

Here is a small poem I wrote to Grandma on Monday...

Grandma I'm sorry I was not there when almost certain the end was near.
I'm sorry I could not be there to hold your hand or make you laugh as I used to then.
But I was there so many times before, for 22 years I was at your door.
With you and George, I drunk so much tea, that tea is now a part of me.
Support and love, nights by the fire, you on the piano, Grandad the Choir.
With so much love and energy, I thought you would live eternally, and now in my heart and mind you always will.