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South India and Sri Lanka By Bicycle 2011 - 2012

Welcome to the South India and Sri Lanka by bicycle pages which is in newsletter form as was sent to friends each month of the adventure.
We Have all the pages from here so click on any of particular interest or take the tour with the Right arrow.
India South

India 1 October 2011 in Goa India

India 2 November 2011 still in Goa

India 3 December 2011 Cycling south

India 4 January 2012 Hitting the Bottom

India 5 Febuary 2012 Up the other side

India 6. May 2012 Back in Goa

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 1. March 2012 Into cycling Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 2. April 2012 Around and up the East

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India Cycled HERE Sri Lanka Cycled HERE